The accommodations in Sweden show great variety. You can find anything from small-scale campgrounds with few amenities to large luxury hotels. You can find accommodations that suit your way of travel best and that will allow you to experience Sweden the way you want. Selecting suitable locations is not always easy. Not all accommodations are easy to locate on the internet and more often than not the information that is supplied is incomplete. This makes organizing a trip to several regions very time-consuming. If for some reason sifting through the web is not for you, or you do not speak the language, we offer our services and find the accommodations that meet your wishes and needs for you.


Campsites can be found in all shapes and sizes. For those who do not care for literally camping out in nature but who want to be as close to nature as possible, there are small-scale campsites in the midst of nature with few amenities. A toilet and hot shower and an owner who can advise you on where to go in the area are the ingredients for such a stay. Also, there are larger family friendly campsites with activities for children during the summer season, more elaborate amenities and often a small shop or restaurant. To those who do not want to stay in a tent or find it a nuisance to travel with a camper or caravan these campsites often offer Stugas for rent: small cabins that you can rent for one or several nights.


SommerstugaOriginally a stuga is a small wooden cabin with a single room with a wood stove. Nowadays stugas come in all possible varieties of which the Falu-red house with white trimmings is most appealing to most. Many Swedes have a house in the forest: the so called Sommarstuga. They spend the summer there and live a simple life there with an outhouse and a lake to bath in. If this is too primitive for you there are stugas with much more comfort and luxury available as well. You tell us what your wishes are and what a suitable stuga must offer and we will search and arrange the perfect location for you.

Holiday Home

Besides the somewhat simpler stugas there are summer homes available for rent. These are often rented out for a week or more and are very suitable for a stay with the whole family. The houses generally have a private garden where you can relax and where you are completely free and have a lot of privacy during your holiday. Most of the times the owner of the accommodation owns one or a few holiday homes he rents out. The result is that every single house as a unique feel and ambiance. Do you prefer to stay one or several weeks at a location with the comfort of home? We can find and arrange the perfect holiday home for you.


bedThe definition of a B&B is not easy to give. Generally speaking it is one or a small number of rooms that are rented out at a location where the owners lives as well. In the morning breakfast is served for the guests. In some cases the guests use a common bathroom while other B&B’s offer private bathrooms.

The variety in B&B’s is enormous; from a small single room in a private home till a small guesthouse in a renovated old school. The personal attention of the passionate B&B owners and the large variety in rooms and locations, are debit to the fact that many choose a B&B over a hotel.


For those who prefer a bit more luxury and a completely catered stay in Sweden there are a number of hotels scattered around the country. A number of larger hotel chains have hotels in the largest cities of the country. In addition there are independent hotels throughout Sweden. Often these hotels are housed in characteristic buildings and vary in comfort from simple to luxury and wellness. Which hotel suits you? You tell us your wishes and we will find you the right location.