We specialize in custom-made travel. You tell us what you want and we will get to work. Do you prefer a campsite? Or are you more interested in the cosiness of a B&B? Or does a holiday home appeal more to you? It makes no difference to us. We search for accommodations with your needs and wishes in mind.

Are you planning to explore the north of the country or do you rather reach your destination within a day’s drive? Do you want your stay as rural as possible or rather in the city? Will you stay in one location or would you like to move on to the next region every couple of days?

Who will be traveling? Must there be a playground for the children or is it most important that the dog is welcome as well? Let us know and we will take this into account during our search for the most suitable location(s).

When we have found the locations we will contact the owners and make the reservations in your name. We will then send you all information on the accommodations and sights to see and activities for your travel party in the area.


If you are not sure where you want to go, it is possible to choose from our ready-made packages. We have a number of themes ready for you with a varied range of destinations and accommodations. There is a package for everyone. The ready-made packages will develop constantly so check regularly whether new packages have been added.

Is there a theme package that suits you? Please contact us and let us know you are interested. Tell us the number in your travel party and the departure date and Go See! will make you an offer. When the offer is accepted we will arrange the accommodations for you and send you all the information you need for a successful holiday.