Sweden is a vast country. From north to south it is 1.600 km or 160 mil as the Swedes say. It is not hard to imagine that within this stretch there are numerous landscapes and different sites to see. Sweden has approximately 9 million inhabitants so there is enough peace and quiet. Life in general is relaxed and people are friendly.

Generally speaking it is possible to visit interesting sites and tourist attractions without having to wait in long lines and is it possible in many locations to imagine you are the only human on earth. Of course there are (especially in the major cities) also some sites where it periodically can be quite busy.
Sweden is a country of vast forests and has approximately 100,000 lakes. Scattered throughout the country you find mostly small towns and villages. The largest cities are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Furthermore Sweden has a large number of islands of which Gotland is definitely worth a visit.

Most visitors travel between May and September. July is the busiest month at most sights in Sweden. After celebrating Midsummer in late June, the Swedes celebrate their summer holiday as well. Most sights are opened until mid-August. After that some tourist attractions close (often at least on weekdays and some permanently).
Those who want to see the Northern Light are welcome up north during the winter months. You have to dress against the cold, but if you do, there is enough to do such as husky safaris, ice fishing and snowmobile tours. You can even stay at the ice hotel.
In order to be able to make a choice which part or parts of Sweden you want to visit, we divided the country into a number of regions. We made a short description of each region that tells you more about what to expect and what to see during a visit.